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Helsinki NASA Europa Challenge 2017

The City of Springfield, Oregon and the KGiSL Institute of Technology (Coimbatore, India) have teamed up to provide a secure public information portal based on NASA WorldWind technology.

Deploying a full open source stack, a rigorous hardening process and a set of secure spatial ETL (extract, transform and load) connectors, the goal is open data through secure services. Solution supports community planning, design, construction and environmental protection.

Future plans extend affordable public safety and medical services to underprivileged sectors of the community. The aim is an affordable open blueprint to develop and sustain basic public information services in an increasingly hostile cyber environment.

Helsinki Presentation

Springfield,OR - Secure Public Portal Video

Application Specification Document

Europa Challege - Secure Public portal document

Secure public portal - NASA Europa Challenge Presentation


Coimbatore, India

Vinith S. Menon, Security Engineering and Project Management

Anjesh Ravikesavan, Java Development

Aravind Kumar, Database and Application Dev

Pandyan Mahalingam, Database Development

Springfield, Oregon

Casey Wilson, Map Authoring

Chris Zeitner, Spatial ETL

Dale Dzierzek, Network Engineering and Implementation

Daniel Haight, Database Administration and Design

Brandt Melick, Project Design and Management

Moffet Filed, California

Patrick Hogan, Guidance and Support

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